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SaaS printing service offer

2 April 2019

Camptocamp has been offering a printing service using SaaS (Software as a Service) since March 1, 2019. Deploying a print service has never been easier for a portal administrator. The configuration is automatically retrieved from a source repository by the service. No more deploying a print server, maintaining it and managing the machine’s resources!

The service is invoiced on a quarterly basis via different printing unit packages. A printing unit corresponds to a page in A4 format. The cost of larger formats is multiplied by 2:2 units for an A3 format and so on. The resources of Camptocamp’s SaaS printing service are sufficient to handle prints up to A0 format!

Here are the main advantages of the shared printing platform provided by Camptocamp:

  • allow customers to focus on the business application, without having to worry about the print service execution environment;
  • minimize server costs in the long term;
  • enable development teams to be more effective in their work;
  • maintain a high evolution cycle by managing updates;
  • high availability and fast recovery time thanks to an architecture designed to support the load.

The shared printing solution managed by Camptocamp consists of four main aspects:

  • a shared service platform on resources;
  • ongoing management and supervision;
  • operating services to automate recurrent maintenance tasks as much as possible;
  • the continuous evolutions carried out by our team in charge of operations.


The shared printing platform allows you not to overload the resources of your server by deploying the service.

In addition to standard printing features, the platform provides you with usage statistics by size and generated formats.


The service customer has access to a graphical interface to track service consumption:


Print service configuration is automatically activated each time the configuration stored in a GitHub repository is changed. The number of printing templates is unlimited.

Service calls can only be made from one application area.


The platform is monitored by a team to carry out its maintenance: monitoring of resource consumption, bug correction and service update. The platform set up makes it possible to react according to printing requests by increasing the resources necessary for its proper functioning.

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