Cloud applications, from Microsoft 365 and Salesforce to Google Workspace and Microsoft Dynamics, have undoubtedly revolutionized how businesses operate, bringing myriad advantages. Yet, as users of these platforms, there's an imperative that's often overlooked: data protection responsibility predominantly falls on the users. While these service providers primarily ensure platform availability, they don't necessarily cover comprehensive data backup. That's where the SEP Cloud App Protection Service (CAPS) steps in.


What the SEP CAPS Brings to the Table:

  1. Complete Protection: SEP CAPS is designed to offer a holistic protection for your cloud application data.
  2. Automated Backups: Powered by Keepit technology, SEP CAPS automatically safeguards your data, storing it in a physically separate and secure location.
  3. Uninterrupted Access: Even during downtimes of your SaaS applications, SEP CAPS ensures that your data remains accessible at all times.
  4. Backup-as-a-Service: Beyond just backups, SEP CAPS serves as an all-inclusive solution, featuring redundant data centers, storage provisions, update services, and unlimited retention based on individual needs.


Your Trusted Partner: Camptocamp

We at Camptocamp are immensely proud to be your trusted ally for the SEP Cloud App Protection Service. With our esteemed status as an SEP Premier Partner Platinum, we don't just offer top-tier solutions. We're here to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire implementation and usage process. Our solution doesn't just prioritize user-friendliness; it's also among the most extensive backup solutions available in the market.

If you're seeking a way to fortify the security of your cloud data comprehensively, we invite you to reach out. Discover more about the SEP Cloud App Protection Service and how Camptocamp can empower your data protection strategy.

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