And why those three words?

Every month, we welcome new team members and continuously optimize our onboarding processes. After the onboarding period, we ask new colleagues for feedback on their first impressions.

Camptocamp - describe us in three words

Of course, you can't reduce a company and its spirit to just three words.

Nevertheless, the answers give us feedback on how well we have been able to integrate our new team members and how well we have been able to communicate our corporate culture. 

The following is an excerpt of our results from the last survey:

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Cécile Vuilleumier / Geospatial Developer in Olten

But is this referring to a too-high workload or unattainable targets? No - this term comes from one of our founders, Luc Maurer. His credo is: "I like challenges". Working at Camptocamp should offer a positive challenge and personal development.

Even though Open Source software can sometimes be a bit demanding, they are still a strong driver for innovation and new solutions. This spirit runs through our entire company philosophy and we like to break new grounds, not shy from challenges.

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Rose Mathelier / Application Engineer in Paris

This perfectly reflects who we want to be. We don't just work with Open Source products, we really live the value culture behind them.

And these values are the benchmark for us in all business areas and in our daily collegial cooperation. Even though we are constantly growing, our management always has an open door and an open ear for everyone.

So you could say:

We love the word “OPEN” 

OPEN Doors, OPEN Spirit, OPEN Minds, OPEN Hearts and of course OPEN Source.

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Aurélien Campergue / Devops Engineer in Munich

Sharing is the essential basic principle of Open Source. We fully support this idea and are happy to share our knowledge and experience as a matter of course. 

Good internal communication is also an important aspect for us. Even in times of mainly home offices we stay in close contact via our chat platform or our virtual coffee breaks and team meetings. On our internal platform, we have channels such as "GoodNews" or "c2c-kudos" - so that we can also share positive things and highlight special achievements with all colleagues. Of course, this is not the same as a face-to-face meeting, but we do our best to be as close to everyone as currently possible.

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And finally, here's a preview of what you can expect in the first few days.

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Our Onboarding

We start with a cup of coffee/tea and a small breakfast with all the colleagues present, including the management.
To get an overview of our internal processes, there is an introduction with the HR Manager first. Afterwards, we invite you to a joint lunch with the team manager.
After handing over the technical equipment and a first introduction to our different tools, there will be a short presentation of the department and an outlook on the upcoming tasks in the next 3 months.

In the first period, other locations can be visited to get to know colleagues personally. After 3 months, we actively ask what onboarding experiences have been made and if there are any suggestions for improvement.

You have questions or just want to get to know us?

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