In order to face the new challenges and requirements for a modern ERP hosting system, we are proud to announce our new hosting platform. 

This is a major evolution of our hosting technologies focusing on reliability, scalability, security, interoperability and environmental footprint. 


Security matters 

Data is the new goldmine of the digital area, and your Odoo instances concentrate most of your sensitive data. 

That is why it must be well guarded and available. 

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Data center certification

At Camptocamp, those aspects are taken very seriously. Hence we strictly use data centers with a high level of certification: 

For France:

  • AMF
  • GCPR
  • GCMA

For Switzerland:

  • FINMA  

In addition, all of our data centers have the following ISO certifications: 

  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27017
  • ISO 27018
  • ISO 27701


Backup policies and hosting localization

All your data is stored on multiple data centers in different regions of the country of your choice. 

All compute components, storage, databases are located in the country of your hosting. 

All backup data are encrypted with current standards, AES, PGP etc.


Multicloud backup

In order to be prepared for the worst case scenario; we have two level of backups : Hot backup and cold backup. 

The cold backup which are the daily backups, are stored in a different cloud provider and data center than the ones where your Odoo is hosted. 


Database encryption

Database server service uses the FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module for storage encryption of data at-rest. Data, including backups, and temporary files created while running queries, are encrypted.

The service uses the AES 256-bit cipher included in storage encryption, and the keys are system managed .

The service encrypts data in-motion with transport layer security (SSL/TLS) enforced by default. The service enforces and supports TLS versions 1.2 only.


Development and staff policies.

We apply all the best practices of our field of expertise 

  • All workstation are encrypted
  • We have a mobile device security policy
  • Accesses to the database and backups outside of Odoo are logged
  • CLA are available on country/office basis
  • Supplier contracts are audited
  • Our hosting infrastructure is audited by external companies


Security patches and update practices

We monitor closely all the security advisor around Odoo and essential components of our stack. 

Automatic vulnerability scanners are setup on all our sensitive components and Odoo container stack.

We have a responsibility disclosure policy and inform our customer ASAP when there is an issue with our hosting. 

In case of a vulnerability in Odoo or on its containers, we patch all the instances within the responsible disclosure time of Odoo. 


Malicious Behavior Detection

We have improved malicious behavior detection on our systems. We focus our R&D on that topic and provide a more customizable solution for you. 


Reliability as a core design

ERP is a pivot point in your companies process, so it needs to be rock solid.

With our new platform, you will experience an improved liability : Our stack is based and built with state of the art and battle tested technologies. We have worked to improve the following aspects and we are now better equipped to improve them continuously: 

  • Segregation of resources
  • Database availability and monitoring
  • Alerting and incident detection
  • Mean response time monitoring of your instances
  • Automatic failover
  • etc.

With the work put in on technical and organizational aspects, our hosting will be smoother, with planned maintenance time reduced, and the reliability will continue to increase with time. 


Scalability, flexibility and composition your hosting "à la carte"

With our new hosting, scaling resources, and various components of your hosting will be transparent. 

We introduce the possibility for more sophisticated hosting. If your level of hosting allows it, you will be able to support the notion of infrastructure composition. 

It means that on various component level of your hosting, you can choose to have dedicated or shared components and the resources size. 

  • Load balancer
  • Compute nodes
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Backup


As an example if you have multiple external website connected to your Odoo, you can choose to have a dedicated load balancer to ensure a good response time of Odoo API and add custom security rules. 



The world is more connected and so are our IT systems. With the composition capacity and advance networking of our cloud platform, we can further integrate your Odoo to your existing system. 

We now support: 

  • Static outgoing IP
  • Advance routing and filtering rules
  • Better DNS integration
  • ODBC (additional option)


The next step, is to add support for more advance network integration (VPN..)  


We embrace DevOps

With our services you will also get idem potent deployment and packaging between all environments. 

Develop, build once, test once, deploy everywhere. We know that time is precious for your team. 

By improving our practices you will be able as soon as June 2022, to plan your deployment in production at any time.

The deploy/rollback process will be fully automated.


Our DevOps technologies are based on the following main components: 

Camptocamp Odoo Cloud Platform | © Camptocamp

Resources are precious

That is why we invest and will invest more and more in the future, to provide the best equilibrium between presation, SLA, and resource consumption. 

Camptocamp has a global footprint policy and our hosting is no exception. 


What's next?

During the first trimester of 2022 your hosting will be moved to our new system without additional fees or change in your hosting service provision.

You will be contacted individually to inform you of the technical details and/or actions that may be requested.

If you have any question, please send a mail to 

Hosting comparison


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