Held in Reims, France, GéoDataDays 2023 was a major event in the world of geomatics and digital mapping. The event was marked by exciting technological advances and innovations, particularly in the field of digital twins.

Our stand was a focal point for geomatics enthusiasts, attracting attention with our innovative solutions. Among these, the GeoNetwork metadata catalog attracted a great deal of interest, enabling users to manage their geospatial data efficiently. In addition, our work on the DataHub, an open source geospatial data management platform, was appreciated by the community.

Active participation in workshops and conferences has enriched our exchanges, reinforcing our place in the geospatial community. Public interest in our geospatial training offer, particularly on QGIS and Postgresql, confirms that our approach meets current market needs.

Digital twins, such as the IGN project, are generating a great deal of enthusiasm for their combination of technology, innovation and geospatial developments. These immersive virtual replicas of the real world are revolutionizing urban planning, resource management and many other fields. IGN's initiative to map an entire country embodies this enthusiasm, offering inestimable potential for innovation. Camptocamp, with its recognized expertise in this field, is playing a key role in these visionary projects, helping to shape the future of digital twins.

Reims, with its historic charm and cultural heritage, provided the ideal backdrop for GeoDataDays 2023. In addition to the official sessions, the "social event" on Wednesday evening enabled participants to meet up in an informal atmosphere, fostering exchanges and strengthening ties within the French geospatial community.

In conclusion, GeoDataDays 2023 was a major success for Camptocamp, highlighting their commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of geomatics. The growing interest in digital twins and geospatial training solutions is testament to the ongoing evolution of the sector. We look forward to seeing Camptocamp and other innovators at future events that will shape the future of geomatics and digital twins.