Everything is data; and data is everything, the common saying goes. However, as the data revolution advances, even the automation solutions that companies rely on to manage exploding volumes of data are in need of disruption if they’re going to stay up to the task.

Camptocamp is proud to bring the latest in automation and containerization technological advances to its customers as one of the first European partners  of Isovalent.

Isovalent is a Swiss-American tech company with a radical new approach to network, security, and observability in and between cloud native environments, hybrid and multi-cloud networks as well as on Prem Systems.

Using applications called Tetragon and Cilium, Isovalent is able to reduce complexity and costs compared with traditional solutions. It provides container runtime security while also showing a unified view of system and network connections, allowing users to quickly detect threats and prevent unauthorized access to applications.

In order to help our customers take advantage of these latest innovations, Camptocamp is working with Isovalent to provide access to subscriptions including editor's 24/7 support of the solution, patching and upgrades.

Camptocamp and Isovalent will be sharing more about how these technologies can transform containerization and automation at ContainerDays in Hamburg on September 5-7 and at Open Source Experience in Paris on November 8-9.

Interested companies can also reach out to our Camptocamp team of experts to learn more about this groundbreaking containerisation platform network security solution or to request one of limited discounted tickets to ContainerDays. To get in touch, fill out the form below.

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