When candidates interview at Camptocamp or people ask us about our business, we go to great lengths to explain our flexible work policies and desire to offer a healthy, human work environment for all our employees.

But most often, words come up short. With many companies demanding more and more from employees, it’s hard for people to believe that they can have both a satisfying, interesting job, while still cultivating a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

It seems to me that with all the technological advances, a work-life balance should be attainable, but what I hear from candidates is that it’s more elusive than ever.

Our ambition is to be different. We believe that work is integral but that it isn’t everything. That’s why one of the options we offer our employees is the option to work part-time so that they can pursue a personal business, project, or passion alongside their job at Camptocamp. In 2022, nearly 40% of our teammates chose this path. 

It’s natural at the end of the year to think back on what worked well in your company, and this year we wanted to celebrate some of these colleagues who share their talents with us, while also committing time and energy to other interests.

They are real-life proof that flexible arrangements work. And I’m proud to have them on the Camptocamp team!

Beer Brewery

by Fabrizio Capellino

It all starts with an idea. Maybe it’s a seasonally-inspired flavor or ingredient that he wants to capture in a beer. Or, maybe it’s a specific feeling he wants to communicate at the event for which the beer has been made. One thing is for sure – Fabrizio’s beers always offer aromas and flavors that can’t be found commercially.


Portraits of the World

by Thierry Prédhom

A compulsive traveler determined to get lost, question himself, and learn from others, Thierry gathered diverse stories and images of people across the world. He’s inspired by the small-scale ways that each and every person can have a positive impact on the world - making them everyday heroes.


Laser engraving

by Gwendolyn Ummel

A native of Neuchâtel (CH), Gwen loves the colors and contrasts of wood and the way its hues and textures are altered when it burns. Her process begins with vector digital drawings, which are brought to life by the power of a laser engraver. There’s beauty in transforming something from screen into a physical object.


Beer Brewery

by Andreas Hochuli


As a son of an entrepreneur, Andreas always dreamed of starting a company of his own. His big idea came, as most big ideas do, over a beer with a group of old friends. Together they decided to restore the brewing industry to their hometown of Aarau (CH), which had seen its last brewery close 100 years earlier.


Honey Production

by Alexandre Fayolle


For Alexandre, the miracle of minuscule insects working together to create honey is pure magic. Working with family and friends, he slows his breath and his pace, approaching the hive with respect and gentleness to harvest the crop. When I’m in my suit, he explains, I feel that everything is aligned. I am in my place.


Jam making

by Zoé Petty

When she’s not working or taking care of her son, you can find Zoé in her garden or in the kitchen. Whether she’s helping her local association restore abandoned garden spaces or preparing a meal for those she loves, she finds inspiration in offering comfort to others. Ultimately, this brings comfort to her as well!


Musée Bolo

by Yves Bolognini

An avid collector and historian of digital culture, Yves is the founder of the Musée Bolo, the Swiss museum of computer science, digital culture and video games. The museum team is passionate about cataloging and retelling innumerable small inventions and stories that are behind the magic of modern computing.


Walnut harvesting

by Julien Waddle

As much as he loves his work behind a computer, Julien feels a pull toward nature and human-centric work. He is a part of the third generation of his family to harvest walnuts on their farm and sell the crop at the local market in Aix-les-Bains. He relishes the exchanges with customers – many of them repeat visitors for 15 years – and loves to hear their stories.