New Odoo version and almost 200 presentations: it's Odoo Experience!

Camptocamp is premium sponsor of the Odoo Experience, the annual event from Odoo that is taking place from September 30th until October 1st and will be held 100% online in 2020.

In addition to the launch of Odoo 14, these two days dedicated to the Open Source ERP Odoo will be completed by a set of unique presentations on Odoo. They will be given by the editor itself but also by experts from around the world.

If you are interested in these functional or technical presentations, do not hesitate to visit the Odoo Experience agenda of these two intense days, and make sure to register. Registration is free but mandatory.

Odoo Experience 2020 | © Odoo

Summary of our five upcoming presentations

With five exclusive talks, Camptocamp is the leading Odoo integrator in the world in terms of the number of speeches delivered!

One lecture is scheduled on the first day (Wednesday, September 30th) and the other four are planned on the second day (Thursday, October 1st).

A must-see at the end of the day

We will end the first day with one of the most awaited presentations of this years’ edition of Odoo Experience, which will be given at 6:30 pm by Joël Grand-Guillaume, Director of the Odoo ERP department at Camptocamp: "Rock your Logistics with advanced Operations".

Through a real case study of a successful Odoo implementation, Joël will introduce a whole series of "Advanced Odoo Warehouse Management System" modules that will be available for free within the OCA.

This brand new Odoo WMS software suite, complementing the standard, is to be used in Odoo projects where business needs in terms of logistics are very complex, with high quantities to be processed which requires a high degree of automation.

Odoo Experience 2020 | © Cosanum
Odoo Experience 2020 | © Cosanum
Odoo Experience 2020 | © Cosanum
Odoo Experience 2020 | © Cosanum
Odoo Experience 2020 | © Cosanum
Odoo Experience 2020 | © Cosanum

The second day

First of all, at 3:30 pm, Denis Leeman will present a customer case study on how to configure Odoo with a real cartographic engine to visualize and query geographic data directly in Odoo.

At 5:00 pm, Frédéric Clementi - Odoo finance expert - will give a demo around the Swiss specificities implemented in Odoo as standard: In particular: the brand new QR-invoice, the Swiss Payment Standard (ISO 20022), the 5 cents rounding, the financial reports...

At 5:30 pm, our associate director, Luc Maurer, will co-host a conference that will introduce you to Aroolla, whose objective is to simulate real business processes. Learning while having fun: this is the objective of the partnership between Camptocamp, HEC Lausanne and the Haute École de Gestion de Suisse occidentale. Aroolla, the resulting product, aims at familiarizing the user with business processes using Odoo as a simulation software.

Then at 6:30 pm, Nicolas Bessi will show how to get the maximum out of your data and processes in Odoo associated with Splunk, an innovative software platform that allows detailed analysis of data (including big data).

All lectures will be given in English and will last 30 minutes.


For more details, please refer the Odoo Experience agenda, or contact us via our contact form for any question related to this event (and to Odoo in general).

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