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Automate Application Deployment with Containers

Modern IT applications are no longer monolithic but are composed of many interconnected software components organized in such a way as to isolate the different components of an application, and to facilitate their deployment and the distribution of the service load over several servers. This approach allows the implementation of complex and very demanding infrastructures requiring a very high service availability and a clear separation between application components (Dev) and operational components (Ops).

Container Orchestration | © Shutterstock
Container Orchestration | © Shutterstock

We are using the most advanced tools...

... to supervise microservice architectures using an orchestrator which will be in charge of deploying the different components, dynamically associating data storage volumes with the various services or managing the network aspects between these components. With Kubernetes,  Camptocamp uses the most advanced tool for this purpose, which is integrated in various solutions such as OpenShift or Rancher, having more sophisticated functionalities .

To operate such container orchestration platforms successfully, teams with adequate expertise are indispensable. Our specialists master these different technologies on all levels from development through implementation to maintenance. Thanks to the separation of roles possible with some of these solutions, we can offer turn-key platforms to our customers, allowing their engineers to focus on application development.

Container Orchestration | © Shutterstock

The biggest challenge...

... for our customers when integrating container platforms in their architectures is the learning curve involved with changing workflows for engineers and developers accustomed to traditional infrastructures. With the many years of experience of our engineers, that have lived through the same transitions, we are able to adopt best practices to help streamline applications managements methods that were not possible before.

Container Orchestration | © Shutterstock
Container Orchestration | © Shutterstock

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