Camptocamp is delighted to announce that our very own Iván Todorovich has been nominated as Best Contributor to the Odoo Open Source Community.

We asked him to tell us a bit more about his Odoo, Open Source, and Camptocamp experience:

Tell us about the most interesting Odoo development project you worked on this year?


This year I've mostly worked on a project for Fleury Michon, where we've deeply customized Odoo in order to implement complex stock forecasting rules, and have it integrated with their website through Shopinvader. Due to the size of the project, it required not only to write code that works but also that’s efficient and performant. In some cases the performance optimizations were done in the Odoo core modules and that was the perfect opportunity to contribute.


What does it mean to you to participate in Open Source communities?


I love it. I think it's an amazing way of learning new things and meeting like-minded people. There's also this rewarding feeling of being part of something bigger, even if you're fixing just a tiny little thing, it may have an effect on hundreds of people's lives. It is also quite time consuming, though. I'm grateful to Camptocamp for the opportunity to do it as a part of my job.


What attracted you to Odoo as a solution? Why would you recommend it to other developers?


I guess it all comes down to how I first heard about Odoo. My family has a small manufacturing company in Argentina, and I used to help manage it. As the business grew, we needed a solution to help us, and that's when we found Odoo. Being a technical guy, I enjoyed the versatility of Odoo, as it allowed us to adapt it to our needs and not the other way around. I've always been very interested in business processes and how technologies can make them better and easier for the people, and Odoo ignited that interest. It became my passion. 


Thanks, Iván. We’re proud to have you on our team!