This autumn has been exceptionally eventful for the open source geospatial community, highlighted by two major events: the OGC Code Sprint in London, focusing on the future standards of interoperability, followed by the OSGEO Code Sprint in Vienna, held as part of the Big Data from Space conference.


OGC Code Sprint in London

At Camptocamp, we are deeply committed to the heart of the open source communities, not just to spur innovation but also to integrate the needs of our clients and partners. Participating in the development of OGC standards, crucial for interoperability in the geospatial sector, is part of this commitment. As active members of the steering committees of GeoNetwork and geOrchestra, our contribution to the sprint was highlighted by our collaboration with the OGC API Records team, aimed at enhancing the experience of searching and valorizing geographical data.


OGC API Records

During the sprint, we proposed an innovative extension to the Record standard to incorporate facet-based search, a tool already popular in e-commerce. This feature allows for a better understanding and efficient filtering of data based on various criteria such as organization or year of creation. Our goal is to establish a more modern standard suited to current data platforms, making advanced features of GeoNetwork's native API, based on Elasticsearch, a universal standard.


Future Perspectives

This extension is intended to be eventually integrated into the OGC API Features specification, promising significant advances in data search capabilities. A detailed report from the OGC API Records group is available.


Other Developing Standards

These code sprints also provided an opportunity to interact with experts from various sectors and to learn about new emerging standards, like MUDDI for underground data and JSON-FG to enrich the GeoJSON format. These initiatives promise to bring major advances in the representation and management of geospatial data.

These events not only solidified the foundations of cooperation within the open source geospatial community but also opened up new prospects in the field of interoperability and standards. Camptocamp's active participation in these initiatives underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation and the development of solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.