SwitzerlandMobility is a network of routes for non-motorized activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skating, and canoeing/kayaking in Switzerland. It provides a comprehensive collection of over 65,000 km of well-marked routes, including national and regional routes, local and theme-based trails, and waterways. The routes are designed to showcase the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Switzerland.

SwitzerlandMobility communicates with users through its website, mobile app, printed materials, social media, and email newsletters, providing them with information and resources to plan and enjoy non-motorized activities in Switzerland.

For the new version of their website, SwitzerlandMobility wanted to create a unique concept of classical information mashed up with geographic information on maps. 

For the SwitzerlandMobility team, it was important that the website would be easy to manage and that it would offer an excellent user experience, especially on mobile devices.

Camptocamp, with our extensive experience in both web and mapping development, was a perfect match for the project. To complement our expertise, we collaborated with Designsensor, which created a seamless user experience.

One year after our initial kickoff, SwitzerlandMobility successfully launched the site, featuring a unique map and exciting new content features.


Some of the highlights include:

  • You can now get detailed information on a route with the description as well as the map, and even switch to other stages or routes on the map.
  • Thousands of photos are geolocated and allow to get an idea of what you can expect on a route
  • Searching and filtering has become easy to use with many options, be it technically challenging routes or family friendly outings.


The next step will be to integrate the planning aspect (also called the drawing tool) in the new website as well, allowing users to plan their own tours and share them with others.

Do you have a mashup of geographic and non-geographic information and would like to discuss opportunities on how to publish them? Just get in touch with us.

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