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OpenERP 8: refactoring of warehouse management

27 June 2013

Camptocamp is glad to announce that it is actively working on OpenERP v8! A fruitful collaboration between Camptocamp and OpenERP SA has recently been initiated to improve the OpenERP models related to warehouse management.

Fully integrated into the road map of OpenERP 8, all this refactoring work will specifically:

  • Serve as basic building block to implement the FIFO & LIFO removal strategies (and costing methods);
  • Speed up various computation tasks (such as available quantities in stock);
  • Introduce the concept of “route” i.e. a set of pre-defined push/pull rules and removal/put away strategies to parameter the various logictics flows more efficiently;
  • Improve picking, packing and shipping possibilities;
  • Allow to take into account drop-shipping as well as cross-docking supply chain management techniques.

All the technical specifications for the logistics part of OpenERP 8 are currently being developed and made public here:

Discover now what is being done and do not hesitate to collaborate with us on this project to make OpenERP 8 even more powerful!