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GeoMapFish Version 2.4 has just been released

20 September 2019

GeoMapFish is a web-based, extensible and flexible GIS application with many features. It offers several interfaces: desktop, mobile, administration, and some more for specific purposes, as well as an API for integrating maps into third-party applications. Based on OGC standards, a GeoMapFish application makes it possible to broadcast spatial data in the form of services (WMS-T, WFS-T, WMTS) for desktop clients (QGIS or ArcGIS for example) or other web clients. On this base, cartographic business applications can be built.

GeoMapFish combines the best technological tools into one application:

  • OpenLayers, AngularJS and Ngeo on the client side
  • Pyramid-based Papyrus for the server framework
  • MapServer, QGIS Server or GeoServer for map services
  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS for data storage
  • MapFish Print for printing cartographic documents in PDF or PNG format.

This new version proposes a series of new things:

  1. New features in the editing and drawing interface
  2. New features related to the query
  3. Layer tree enhancements
  4. New features of the mobile interface
  5. A new generation of the API
  6. Merging roles, improving A0 format printing

Presentation of the new features

Editing and drawing

Configuring the column order

The order of the columns can be modified to improve readability when querying (in the result of the query) or when filling of the form during the editing.


The attributes to be shown for the display is still managed via the map server.

Read-only attributes

Some attributes can now be defined as read-only attribute.


Vertex removal menu

In order to standardize the geometry editing tool, a context menu now allows the deletion of a vertex. As a reminder, the edition with magnetism of the vertices is possible since version 2.2 of GeoMapFish.


Recentering on geometry (drawing)

A user looking for previously drawn geometry had the risk of not finding it by clicking in the drawing list. The refocus and zoom management for this list has been reviewed and improved.


Multiple selection

It is now possible, by holding down the “A” key or the “X” key, to add or remove elements to / from the click or rectangular selection. This does not change all the other existing behaviors where the click is used to replace the selection by pointing, the pan moves the map, and dragged with the Ctrl key can replace the current selection by rectangular selection.

Automatic link

Automatic links are created when the attributes contain a URL or an email address:


Layer tree

Changing the size of the layer tree panel

The left panel can be closed or open. Its size can be changed.

mapfish 2.4 mapfish 2.4

Radio buttons in a group of layers

It is possible to make the display of layers exclusive to others in the same group:

mapfish 2.4 - desktop_layertree_radio


Read-only drawing in the mobile version

The redlining shared via the permalink is now visible also in the mobile version:

mapfish 2.4 - desktop_dessin mapfish 2.4 - mobile_dessin

Surface measurement tools in mobile version

The mobile version now has a new surface measurement tool:


First level title

The left and right panel in the mobile version can now have a title.


JavaScript API

The JavaScript API has been rewritten but remains compatible with the previous version.


Integration via IFRAME

It is now possible to integrate a GeoMapFish application via an IFRAME into another application. This way you can avoid some CSS and JavaScript issues with the host application.

Example :


Loading animation

A load animation was added when launching a GeoMapFish application. The appearance of the indicator can be configured by the integrator.

Multiple roles for a user with merge rights

It is now possible to assign multiple roles to the same user. This greatly simplifies the management of rights in contexts with many business areas: it is no longer necessary to create a new role for each business combination, this is done directly in the user’s file. The user will have a “default role” for his base layers and default theme, but he will still be able to read and / or write the data of all the roles assigned to him.

Improved printing in A0 format

The print service has been optimized to make PDF prints in A0 format. Note that Camptocamp now offers a print service in SaaS. This is to facilitate the management of such a service and allows to repose on a mutualized, well-scaled infrastructure.

List of some projects

Here is a non-exhaustive list of projects in version 2.4 – others are still being migrated!

Also find our demo version 2.4:

Roadmap to 2.5

Here are some features and improvements planned in the next version of GeoMapFish:

  • Map Swiper – A function to quickly and visually compare two maps by dragging a slider horizontally
  • Polygon query – Ability to query the map using a polygon (currently: point and rectangle)
  • Advanced features for drawing – Function to define an exact length of a segment
  • Story Maps – Using a map to tell a story. Integration of the OpenLayers Story Maps Sample
  • Tablet – Using the desktop version of GeoMapFish on a tablet (touch)
  • Security – Several developments to improve security
  • Many other small improvements of existing functions

More improvements will be incorporated as they are funded and expanded.