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Data Recovery Software

SEP sesam is a data recovery software, backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution for enterprise-wide use in any IT environment. It's one of the best data recovery software options available for businesses looking to recover deleted files and ensure their data's safety.

As an SEP Premier Platinum Partner, Camptocamp has been supporting companies and public institutions in protecting their sensitive data for more than 10 years. Their expertise in data recovery tools ensures that businesses can recover data efficiently and effectively.

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SEP works with certified partners like Camptocamp for conception and optimization at the customer's site. Their collaboration ensures that businesses can recover files from Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, ensuring no deleted data is left unrecovered in the recovery process.

Minimal storage volume thanks to Si3 inline deduplication

Savings of up to 90% backup storage

Made in Germany

Reliable backup of all company data

SEP Data Recovery Software

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery is the perfect data recovery solution for heterogeneous IT infrastructures. For organizations and companies from medium-sized businesses to large corporations, it offers 100% reliable data protection against various data loss scenarios. All virtualization platforms, operating systems, databases, agents, file system and applications are supported, regardless of whether they are operated virtually or physically, covering a wide range of file types.

Support for all major operating systems, databases & applications

Effective Si3 Replication

Bandwidth-saving backup & recovery for distributed environments

24/7 Support

Direct hotline to the manufacturer

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A comprehensive portfolio of modules ensures uninterrupted data protection for a wide range of databases and applications, including SAP HANA on Intel & IBM Power platforms, SAP NetWeaver & SAP ASE.

SEP sesam multi-streaming technology enables extremely fast, simultaneous backups of an unlimited number of servers to different storage devices such as disk, tape, and cloud. After a disaster, SEP sesam Si3 replication technology provides fast and location-independent recovery software capabilities, allowing businesses to recover lost data and lost files.


In addition, with SEP sesam, companies are hardware- and software-independent, making it possible to consolidate multiple backup systems into one centrally managed backup solution. This user-friendly user interface allows IT managers to flexibly adapt their infrastructure to constantly growing requirements, ensuring no data loss occurs even if files are accidentally deleted.

Additional backup to mobile data media (disk/tape) as external storage devices for longer and/or duplicate retention is possible, making file recovery even more efficient.

For cloud applications such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Google Workspace, SEP offers cloud-to-cloud backup & restore with SEP Cloud Application Protection Service (CAPS) in a German data center in compliance with DSGVO.

Great attention is also paid to the topic of ransomware. To increase the protection against malware, SEP sesam can of course also be operated on Linux, because most attacks, like those from disk drill software, are known to be directed against Windows systems.

The multiple certified backup solution SEP sesam reflects 30 years of experience in the development of backup software solutions, German quality and product standards, as well as an attractive price-performance ratio.

Through years of experience, Camptocamp can provide interested customers with a needs analysis for a customized backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution in just a few steps and set up the right data recovery software application.

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