Camptocamp – Training

Terraform: Automate your cloud

This 1-day Terraform training will get you started with cloud automation using Hashicorp‘s tool.

Summary of this training

While Puppet excels at configuring machines and Docker at orchestrating applications; Terraform is quickly becoming the standard in automating cloud resources. Its support for public clouds (AWS, GCE, Azure, etc.) as well as private (Openstack, Cloudstack, etc.) and practically anything with an API (GitHub, Grafana, RabbitMQ, etc.) makes it a perfect choice to finally automate everything in your data center!

Dates and locations

  • Private training sessions can be organized across Europe upon request

Contact and booking


At the end of this Terraform training, you will be able to automate cloud resources creation, updates and destruction, and set up a Terraform workflow for your team using Git and S3.

Target audience and prerequisites

  • Developers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Administrators, Release Managers

Lecture content/Topics (Camptocamp curriculum)

  • Providers and resources;
  • Language;
  • Provisioners;
  • Data sources;
  • Modules;
  • Importing existing resources;
  • Sharing a state.


  • Public training in France or Switzerland: please contact us
  • Private training: please contact us