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Kubernetes Training (K8s)

With this 2-day, comprehensive Kubernetes training, you will understand the concepts and architecture of Kubernetes (K8s) in order to use it to deploy microservice applications.

Summary of this Kubernetes training (K8S)

Kubernetes is an Open Source Container Orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

In the last few years, Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration. Originally a Google project, it provides a powerful platform to deploy microservices.

This training will introduce the concepts of Kubernetes to help you build and deploy your own applications. This intensive training is given by an expert, confronted daily with complex IT environments in production at Camptocamp. It is recommended to have followed a Docker training before attending this course.

Discover also Camptocamp’s published Kubernetes modules here on GitHub.

Kubernetes Training Camptocamp

Dates and locations

  • April 2nd-3rd 2020 in Lausanne, Olten or Chambéry
  • Alternatively, private training sessions can also be organized across Europe upon request

Contact and booking


At the end of this Kubernetes training, you will be able to make most of Kubernetes in order to deploy microservice applications.

Target audience and prerequisites

  • Developers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Administrators, Release Managers
  • Basic knowledge of Linux administration.

Lecture content/Topics (Camptocamp curriculum)

  • Day 1:
    • Web UI & CLI
    • API & YAML
    • Pods & Labels
    • Replication: RC & RS, Selectors
    • Deployments
  • Day 2:
    • Services
    • Ingress
    • Data
    • ConfigMaps & Secrets
    • Resources Automation


  • Public training in France or Switzerland: please contact us
  • Private training: please contact us
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