Solutions for automating the management of systems and the deployment of applications.

With experienced engineers from various IT branches (development, systems, security, and telecommunications), Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Department has been specializing for many years in automation solutions and the continuous from management of complex IT infrastructures.

Throughout the years, our teams have adopted the “Infrastructure as Code” paradigm to create and programmatically manage IT resources. The explosion in the number of virtual servers and containers in modern IT environments requires the reproducibility and the traceability of changes.

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Camptocamp is closely involved in the various Open Source communities related to its solutions, and is also always in direct contact with major players in the industry via several strategic partnerships:


As pioneers in the use of Linux and the Open Source development model, our teams work according to a set of good practices close to the agile methodologies, what is now known as DevOps. This approach is mainly characterized by the promotion of automation and the monitoring of software development milestones, integration, testing, delivery, and deployment, as well as operation and maintenance.

Types of services

Our offer is flexible: we offer different types of tailor-made services to adapt to our clients’ needs.

Managed services

Do you need us to maintain services for you? — This management mode is particularly suitable for virtualized infrastructures that we can manage remotely. We take care of the installation and configuration of operating systems as well as all hardening tasks to guarantee a very high level of security for your various hosting platforms. We provide optimal monitoring and operation of backup processes. Our team is available and works in collaboration with yours.


Do you need development on Open Source tools? — We have all the development skills to adapt Open Source software to your needs. We advise our clients and offer a privileged interface with the Open Source communities and the various projects on which our solutions are based. We actively monitor these various projects and contribute to their development.


Do you need support with Open Source solutions? — We regularly advise our clients to enable them to get the most out of existing Open Source solutions and the skills of our teams. We are not only technically involved but also bring our experience in terms of work methodology and innovation in automation processes.


Do you want to improve your skills? — We offer a variety of training courses related to our work methodologies and Open Source solutions. This direct contact with our customers’ technical teams is essential to support innovation by providing strong support to the individuals in charge of implementing and maintaining them.

Do not hesitate to contact us to further discuss your needs!