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Professional WebGIS

Based of the MapFish framework, Camptocamp offers a WebGIS application designed to help local government institutions. It is a flexible and efficient turnkey solution!

This solution consists of the AJAX technology (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and HTML5, benefiting from an intuitive graphical user interface and excellent display performances supported by most recent web browsers. Our solution is based on Camptocamp’s experience gained in developing various projects led for a growing community of users. This solution offers the full range of features available in a WebGIS. The administration is made easy by the dedicated user interface and the inclusion of additional data is made easy by the central role of the cartographic engine. A security module manages the access to data according to user profiles. The modularity of the application allows to activate/deactivate existing generic components and to create new specific features.

Examples of offered features:

  • Desktop and mobile cartographic information inquiry
  • Spatial and attribute queries
  • Drawing tools (point, line, polyline, polygon, sticker)
  • Editing geometries and related attributes
  • Printing tool based on a customized template
  • Search tool of map data
  • Insertion of a map into another web page (API Javascript)
  • Routing
  • Connexion to WMS/WFS distant servers
  • Connexion to a metadata catalog
  • Full text search (auto-completion, map centering)
  • 3D view
  • Longitudinal profile following the a Digital Terrain Model
  • Management of user rights: features, layers, terrain restriction, etc.