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Web Architecture

It is when a web service is successful, when its audience and visibility increases, that it is at greatest risk of losing responsiveness, or even becoming unavailable, falling victim of its own success. Our infrastructure experts actively collaborate with the development teams of the several projects on which we intervene to set up and manage scalable and high-performance hosting platforms, to handle the user base growth while guaranteeing a very high level of availability.

Camptocamp perfectly masters the techniques allowing to guarantee an excellent quality of service during a significant increase in the number of users. The means to achieve this objective include:

  • caching HTTP resources to relieve application servers
  • load balancing across multiple servers to
    • not be limited by the maximum server size
    • guarantee a high level of redundancy (fault tolerance)
    • facilitate maintenance (security, upgrades) without service interruption

> Contributions
Puppet Modules
Docker Containers
Rancher Catalogs
Kubernetes Helm Charts
> References
AWS Case Study: Swisstopo
Customers: Swisstopo, EPFL, SuisseMobile, Sky, QoQa, etc.
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