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Odoo GeoEngine: map view

Today, 80% of data can be referenced to a location and displayed on a map. It is quite normal that an ERP, which manages all the business data of a company, allows to display this information on a map; the analysis of data is simpler and clearer.

odoo geoengineWith the Odoo GeoEngine map module developed by Camptocamp, it is now possible!

odoo geoengineThanks to this powerful Open Source cartographic engine, which originated from a joint collaboration between our Geospatial Solutions and Business Solutions Divisions, it is possible with Odoo GeoEngine to:

  • Add a map field such as a point, a line or a polygon;
  • Visualize data on a map in order to complement views already available as standards in Odoo;
  • Edit data directly in the form view of the object thanks to the map edition widget;
  • Search map data, such as, for instance, find all customers in a given geographical zone;
  • Import, manage and manipulate all your map data thanks to the numerous integrated features.

The Odoo GeoEngine set of modules is available either on or on GitHub.

If you want to integrate the cartographic dimension to your Odoo project, do not hesitate to contact now our experts for any kind of services (integration, specific developments…) associated to Odoo GeoEngine!