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What is not measured does not exist” said Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. In Computer Science, this famous quotation has evolved to become: “you cannot improve what you cannot measure”. Identifying the sources of sluggishness and errors, measuring the effect of changes, planning capabilities and preventing failures is not possible without detailed information about how an application works.

When an application is divided into several services, themselves distributed on several servers, it is necessary, to maintain an overall view, to collect, centralize, and aggregate the logs (messages) and metrics (numbers) used to describe its operation. Camptocamp has extensive experience in managing logs and metrics using Open Source software which has become proven standards in this domain. These technologies are perfectly adapted to server-based environments but also compatible with microservices architectures.

> Contributions
CollectD (various patches and packaging)
Varnishkafka (Varnish log collector)
Helm Chart Prometheus
Helm Chart Kibana
> References
Customers: Swisstopo, EPFL, Deutsche Telekom, QoQa, Fondation SuisseMobile, various European governmental organizations, etc.
When Logstash becomes spatial (blog post)
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