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Mobile webmapping applications

The recent evolutions of the OpenLayers libraries Camptocamp contributed to allow to provide 100 % Open Source mobile webmapping applications. When deploying customer geoportals on mobile devices, Camptocamp manages the server part while only the user interface part is redesigned to fit mobile users needs. When connected, a tool detects the browser and the type of device operated by the user.

Camptocamp is also very active in the development of native applications.

Numerous features of mobile webmapping applications

The mobile viewer mobile offers the possibility to view map data via a web browser on a smartphone or a tablet. Navigation operates intuitively with the fingers on the touch screen. The mobile interface allows to use all evolutions related to the tactile screens of mobile devices. The « Tap », «Two-Finger Single Tap », « Pinch Zoom » and other available actions available on the devices interact with the map and the accessed data.

Features of the mobile viewer:

  • Zoom
  • Touchscreen navigation
  • User localization (positioning the center of the map on the user)
  • Layer management
  • « Full text » search
  • Drawing
  • Editing of geometric data and their attributes

Where I am?

Geolocation allows to answer this question by positioning the user in the center of the map. Unlike the interface of a classic geoportal, the application automatically recenters the map based on the user positions and moves. This specificity allows the user to better enter nearby available data and to ease its perception of the environment.

Search, Navigate

A dedicated interface to search for a town, an address, a restaurant, etc. is made available to users to provide detailed information of their surroundings directly on their devices. The navigation feature « routing » has been implemented for the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) campus site to guide users within the complex network of buildings.

Compose and view your map

The user can adapt the map by changing the available geographical information layers. A set of vectorial data can be loaded to adapt the map to the needs of the user. Reference backgrounds can also be used interchangeably depending on the data made available. The mobile application is able to present the same sources of information as the desktop geoportal.

Supported devices

Our mobile applications are compatible with all suppliers of smartphones and tablets: Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc. Camptocamp is also developing native applications on Apple and Android.