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Linux Expertise

Our experienced Linux engineers all have years of Linux experience and many years of daily practice related to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu distributions, or (Open)SuSE. Linux is now at the center of a large number of IT projects, notably in the revolution associated with virtualization, cloud computing and container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes.

Thanks to our various partnerships and particularly with Red Hat, our engineers are continually assessed and kept abreast of developments in this field, especially on aspects related to security. On a daily basis, our engineers manage several hundred servers and platforms on which this operating system and numerous Open Source software run.

> Training
Open Source – general information
Git – introduction to distributed repository 
> Partnerships
LPI Certified Engineers
Red Hat (RHCE) Certified Engineers
Red Hat Premier Partner (CH/DE)
SUSE Accredited Partner
> Contributions
Packaging Debian Puppet
Packaging Ubuntu Puppet
Augeas, CollectD
Open Source projects on Github
> References
Docker Hub
Red Hat Premier Business Partner (press release)
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