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IDG geOrchestra

Open Source Spatial Data Infrastructure

The geOrchestra project is made of the best web map components in a feature-rich, Open Source, and interoperable SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure).  geOrchestra offer a turn-key solution to publish and share your spatial data on intranet, extranet and Internet.

Being the result of a collaboration between government and local authorities, the geOrchestra project offers a wide functional coverage, meeting the needs of a large spectrum of public users.

This project is registered on the Adullact forge, its code is published under Open Source license and freely available.

 AN SDI compatible with INSPIRE

geOrchestra meets the European directive 2003/98/CE and the INSPIRE directive 2007/02/CE.

This SDI offers the following services: search (catalog), consultation (visualizer), download (from the catalog or extractor), spatial data transformation (on-the-fly re-projection) and metadata (catalog).

Metadata catalog

The French profile is activated by default in the catalog provided with the geOrchestra solution. Published metadata can be harvested via the CSW standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

Visualizer and map server

The European projection systems (EPSG:4258 et ETRS89) are managed by the map server, the  visualizer and the cache system. WMS, WCS and WFS systems can be displayed in accordance with the INSPIRE directive.

Modules interconnected via OGC standards

Modules are available based on the rights of users:

  • metadata catalog;
  • map visualizer;
  • graphic semiology editor;
  • data extractor;
  • …and additional administration modules depending on the SDI configuration.

Advanced functionalities

geOrchestra offers its users functionalities performing beyond the consultation of pre-formatted maps:

  • at the core of the system, a data catalog
  • full editorial site
  • true collaborative space
  • creation of maps (via the catalogs and OGC distant servers)
  • style of single layer, values classes, … and the re-use of this style based on the Styled Layer Descriptor standard
  • import/export of maps at the Web Map Context standard
  • data lots downloads
  • EDIGEO interface allowing the integration of cadastral data
  • geolocation service
  • different users rights (data lot access, maps)

All these features are accessible from a web browser.