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Containers Orchestration

Modern IT applications are no longer monolithic but are composed of many interconnected software components organized in such a way as to isolate the different components of an application, and to facilitate their deployment and the distribution of the service load over several servers. This approach allows the implementation of complex and very demanding infrastructures requiring a very high service availability and a clear separation between application components (Dev) and operational components (Ops).

Microservices architectures must be supervised by an orchestrator which will be especially in charge of deploying the different components, dynamically associating data storage volumes with the different services or managing the network aspects between these different components. Several Open Source orchestration solutions exist but the most advanced is clearly Kubernetes which is integrated in various solutions with more extensive functionalities such as OpenShift or Rancher. Our specialists master these different technologies, from a development standpoint but also on all aspects related to the implementation and maintenance of these orchestration services.

> Training
Docker training
> Partnerships & certifications
Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certified engineers)
Red Hat Premier Partner – OpenShift expert
CNCF & Linux Foundation Silver Member
Rancher Partner
> Contributions
Bivac – Containers Backup
Terraform – Rancher Provider
Divers Kubernetes Helm Charts
Docker Hub Camptocamp
> References
Container adoption at Camptocamp (blog post)
A Containers Ecosystem Overview (blog post)
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