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Modern IT infrastructures are distributed and based on a large number of servers and IT components; it is therefore essential to automate the management of operating systems and hosted services. Configuration management allows for centralized control which facilitates the implementation of any changes (security, evolution) and the inventorization of systems and deployed services.

With over ten years of experience in the “Infrastructure as Code” approach, we are able to advise you objectively in relation to your expectations in order to allow you to choose the most appropriate solution to meet your needs. Various Open Source solutions exist in this field. We have a special experience in Puppet which is integrated in Red Hat Satellite and Puppet Entreprise, or Ansible which is also used in several solutions offered by Red Hat. The Terraform solution also shares many similarities with these solutions but in a more extensible way.

> Training
Puppet Fundamentals
Puppet Practitioner
Puppet Architect
Hands-on Puppet (open source)
> Partnerships & certifications
Puppet Authorized Training Partner
Ingénieurs certifiés Puppet Professional & Puppet Developer
Red Hat Satellite/Ansible experts (Premier Partner)
> Contributions
Modules maintained by Camptocamp
FacterDB, Augeas, PuppetBoard, prometheus-puppetdb
Participation to Vox Pupuli
> References
Ansible and OpenStack (case study)
Puppet & Docker (blog post)
Swisstopo choisit Puppet (case study)

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