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Project Géocat Is the metadata catalog for all Swiss geodata. Federal offices, cantons and towns, as well as private companies, enter there the metadata of their geodata (aerial images, protected sites, natural hazards, earthquakes, etc.).

Key elements

  • Metadata Catalog
  • Advanced multilingual management
  • Multilingual ISO metadata editor
  • Coordinate system and data
  • Entering and storing metadata
  • Harvesting
  • Search & Display
  • Map handling
  • Display of search results
  • Consultation of the forms modes
  • Handling of forms
  • Input interfaces
  • Keywords & Thesaurus
  • Rights management
  • Import – Exporting metadata
  • Admin console


This project was initiated with a first version in 2003. Swisstopo was then a forerunner in Europe among public and private organizations to set up such a catalog. The concept of decentralized information management, the management of multilingualism, Swisstopo’s willingness to share this project were relevant and innovative choices. At the time, no particular metadata management software was available.

Four years later, Swisstopo wished to renew its catalog taking into account the developments that have been carried out in the Open Source community and identified GeoNetwork as a preferred tool.

The key points of the project are:

  • Integration of a CMS
  • Use of GeoNetwork
  • Integration of specific developments in GeoNetwork
  • Integration of OpenLayers as a visualization and editing tool for GeoNetwork in order to take advantage of better ergonomics
  • Storage of information in GeoNetwork format in a PostgreSQL database


The consortium assembled for this project consists of Camptocamp companies GeoCat B.V. and the BRGM. Camptocamp is responsible for the project, performs modeling and specific developments. GeoCat makes the link with the GeoNetwork project, part of the developments and the integration of the code in the Open Source project. BRGM is involved in architecture definition phases, and specifications and integration tests.

3 main interfaces are used:

  • research and consultation of metadata
  • Metadata edition
  • Catalog administration


  • SGBDR : PostgreSQL
  • WebGIS: MapFish
  • Cartographic engine: GeoServer
  • JAVA Framework: Jeeves
  • Supported browser: FF (v2,3), IE (v7,8 / Windows), Safari (v3 / Mac)