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Schweizmobil: WebMap and data management

 The goal of this project is the development of a web mapg solution for Schweizmobil.

The solution contains a high density of geographical information in the form of points, lines and surfaces. Other features such as monitoring the dynamic line of a vector object or calculating a height profile are also available for members. The solution also provides an API with which map elements can be integrated on many points SwitzerlandMobility website or external sites.

In 2011, the Schweizmobil Foundation has decided to mandate Camptocamp SA for the entire renovation of its entire infrastructure database. Previously, the database was not primarily spatial information and was provided by third-party companies without considering the spatial aspects. The database now includes new comprehensive spatial non-spatial data. It was therefore decided to use PostgreSQL / PostGIS, to create strong synergies and achieve optimal use of data.


Through the use of the Agile development methodology, the client was able during the detailed specifications and all the development time to be involved in the transition towards the production of the project.

A special feature of this project was also the use, as early as 2008, of the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure to meet the strong fluctuations of simultaneous uses (compromise between performance and cost).

In its current form, the solution is used since 2008. Each year, new features and improvements are planned. To use the advanced features (such as drawing a route), the tool provides a private member access.