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Federal Veterinary Office (FVO): WebSIG application

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Federal Veterinary Office (FVO)

Key elements

National portal, strategic tool for decision and treatment support.

Project description

The FVO WegSIG project for monitoring animal diseases aims at presenting to the public as well as to cantonal veterinary offices information on outbreaks.

Context and goals

 The information is available in the form of attribute data and of map form as well in order to view the extended affected by outbreaks.

The key elements of the project are:

  • development of a module for querying the InfoSM database to select the data to display based on alphanumeric and geographic criteria
  • dynamic theming as chorologic card depending on the selected data
  • integration in a secure site (extranet type)


Camptocamp developed the FVO InfoSM WebSIG with the close collaboration of the BVET and Swisstopo following AGILE methods. The project was completed in differentes phases:

  • Implementation of a MapFish Web2.0 WebSIG on the AWS platform
  • Developments of specific features
  • Integration in the BVET extranet, complmentinf an internet portal
  • Integration of additional cantonal and federal data provided by WMS services


  • WeGIS: MapFish/GeoExt
  • SGBDR: PostgreSQL
  • Cartographic engine: UMN MapServer
  • Cloud BGDI / AWS