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B3D geological portal – 3D webportal


Develop a 3D web viewer (webportal) for Brandenburg’s geological data with Open Source technologies.


The Geological Office of the Land of Brandenburg (LBGR) has in its archives invaluable data on the subsoil of the region including 780 drilling reports and numerous geological profiles. The LGBR would like to make such information available to the public and facilitate the use of these data from the archives by publishing them on the Web.

Camptocamp et Terrestris won the tender issued by the LBGR for conducting the geological web portal. This portal provides 2D and 3D models, and making the subsoil of the Land of Brandenburg accessible to the general public as well as experts.

Key elements

  • 2D and 3D visualization of geological information in a web browser without plugin (WebGL)
  • Preparation of 3D data for webcasting
  • Standardized web servicesoriented architecture
  •  Open Source technologies


Geological information must be published on the Web in a 2D viewer as well as a 3D interactive view. The portal must meet the following:

  • 2D and 3D geodata visualization on the Web without plugin
  • Rich interactions with 3D models (browsing, queries, style)
  • Preparation of data données for an efficient transfer via webservices
  • Implementation of a webservices-oriented architecture meeting the standards


Camptocamp et Terrestis developed the entire geological portal based on Open Source components, both for the 2D map view as well as for the backup, publication and visualization in a web browser of 3D geodata. 2D data were integrated into the portal by WMS services, while 3D data were published via one of the first implementations of the W3DS standard . This protocol is used to disseminate on the web 3D geospatial data. It supports various exchange formats, including X3D that was also used in this project.

Much of the 3D data is a regular TIN grid. We therefore made the generalization of this mesh to get an adaptive mesh. With this type of mesh maintaining the shape of the object, we could get an adequate data size for web publication, without significant loss of quality.

Visualisation géologique 3D

Geological 3D visualizer


With the release of WebGL compatible web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11), this technology makes available to the public the consultation of 3D data without installing a plugin. The portal facilitates the internal works of the Office Geological and supports the communication and the visibility of projects undertaken by the Agency. The interoperability solution with other systems is guaranteed with the use of standardized web services (OGC / WMS / WFS / W3DS). New developments can easily reuse these Open Source technologies.


The following technologies were used in the development of this project:

  • 2D and 3D data saving: PostgreSQL and PostGIS 2
  • Generalization of 3D layers: CGAL
  • WMS/WFS/W3DS Publication: Geoserver
  • Client librairies: Openlayers (2D), X3DOM (3D) et Ext.JS


Camptocamp provided the following services:

  • Advice :
    • architecture definition
    • Selection of components to use
  • Implementation :
    • Preparation/generalization of data for Web publication
    • Implementation of W3DS service for the publication of data
    • Development of an API based on X3DOM for the creation of the portal
  • Support and training:
    • Use of the API
    • Preparation of data