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Making a MapServer + AGG build that doesn’t suck

from the oh-why-wasnt-this-done-ages-ago-dept. Until now, MapServer has relied on an external link to the AGG library, rather than including the AGG source tree as is common in the other cartographic servers (namely mapnik and …

27 April 2009 camptocamp

Google Summer of Code: MapServer projects

The list of accepted students for the 2009 edition of Google Summer of Code has been published yesterday. This year 20 slots were allocated to  OSGEO, 2 of which went to the MapServer project: KML output: David Kana will be working on …

22 April 2009 camptocamp

My first steps with OpenScales

After a big refactoring of the imported/rewritten OpenLayers code, I wanted to test a little bit OpenScales.

13 April 2009 camptocamp

Studio: Beta for the MapFile Manager

A previous post introduced a new administration tool: Studio is born ! One component of Studio is the MapFile editor. You can have a look at a video introducing the MapFile editor.. It is also possible to test it live (create your own …

25 March 2009 camptocamp

Alles was Sie mit MapFish machen können

Emmanuel Belo war letzte Woche in Hannover für FOSSGIS 2009. Die Vortragspräsentation (4MB) zeigt die Diversität der Anwendung dass Sie, mit MapFish, herstellen können. Der proceeding ist auch interessant.

21 March 2009 camptocamp

WFS-T and MapFish: nice demo made by MapGears

MapGears has created a nice demonstration using MapFish with a WFS-T server. I find the edition functions really ergonomic and intuitive.

16 March 2009 camptocamp

Mapserver High Resolution Output

During the recent Toronto Code Sprint[1] there was a very interesting topic concerning the use of MapServer to generate high resolution maps suitable for printing, the results of which will be integrating into the future-coming 6.0 …

16 March 2009 camptocamp

Camptocamp at Toronto Code Sprint

Olivier Courtin and Thomas Bonfort were at the Toronto Code Sprint. I look foward to use the great developments made over there in MapFish. The plot starts with a Toronto hotel on the banks of the Ontario lake booked from the 7th to …

12 March 2009 camptocamp

Toronto Code Sprint

The plot starts with a Toronto hotel on the banks of the Ontario lake booked from the 7th to the 10th of March, 4 whole days initiated by Paul Ramsey gathering the C tribe of Open Source GIS. Paul successfuly managed to obtain …

12 March 2009 camptocamp

Web mapping applications from a non-developers perspective

Andrew Parker has created a very nice wiki which presents the necessary steps in order to create one web mapping application: – installing Linux (Ubuntu), Apache HTTP, and MapServer,– installing PostGIS database server with …

10 March 2009 camptocamp

KISS: spatialite in 5 minutes

3,2,1, GO ! 1. Open, download spatialite-gui GUI and unzip it. 2. Start Spatialite-gui.exe (I tested it with Windows 😉 and click on Files / Creating a new (empty) SQLite DB 3. Download “the …

14 February 2009 camptocamp

Some MapFish doc on VerySpatial

Mel Meng has written some HowTo’s on the VerySpatial blog. Thanks !

12 February 2009 camptocamp

New tool for Web mapping site administration

Do you want to create your own web mapping application ? Do you want to share your geospatial data with others ? Do you want to define your own symbology ? If the answer is yes, then you are probably interested in the administration …

7 February 2009 camptocamp

OpenERP Mac Client for OS X

Camptocamp has just released the beta version of OpenERP Client for Mac OS X Leopard !! Please go to the following address to get the lastest 5.0 version via Bazaar and then copy it to your /Applications folder. bzr branch …

2 February 2009 camptocamp

MapFish is now referenced by Google ;-)

The 3D demo is part of the Google Earth Gallery.

1 February 2009 camptocamp