Find below the latest news and contributions made ​​by Camptocamp.

MapFish becomes an fully-fledged OSGeo project

The MapFish project just finished its incubation phase and now receives the official OSGeo label! MapFish initial discussions on how to provide an easy-to-use Web 2.0 development framework started among users at the FOSS4G 2006 in …

23 September 2011 camptocamp

MapFish at Intergeo 2011

This year, INTERGEO, the world’s largest event and communication platform for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, will take place from September 27 to 29 in Nuremberg, Germany. The trade fair and conference cover all the key …

20 September 2011 camptocamp

New Webkit financial reports for OpenERP

Camptocamp published a new module entitled ‘account_financial_report_Webkit‘ which provides the following basic legal financial reports: General ledger Partner ledger Trial balance Partner balance …and smaller -but handy- reports …

15 September 2011 camptocamp

New branch organisation on Launchpad

Dear community, I wanted to let you know that Camptocamp has made some changes in the organisation of their branches on Launchpad. As will become the central portal to browse the community developments, we have then …

9 September 2011 camptocamp

FOSS4G 2011: Camptocamp’s contributions

Camptocamp’s contributions at FOSS4G, the global conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial and organized by OSGeo, will be the following: Workshop : MapFish in Production FOSS4G routing with pgRouting …

14 June 2011 camptocamp

Linux Journal article: maps in OpenERP by Camptocamp!

The July ’11 issue of Linux Journal published an article on Camptocamp‘s new map component for OpenERP. The article is available here. Camptocamp: Official Gold partner in Switzerland, France and Austria (localisation of …

9 June 2011 camptocamp

OpenERP GeoEngine / Maps by Camptocamp: general overview

Dear Community, At the 2011 OpenERP Community Days, we presented maps integration into OpenERP (See video). Following this major announcement, the GeoEngine project was created; it originated from a lot of thinking and architecture …

25 May 2011 camptocamp

CouchDB to easily bootstrap a Puppet CMDB

For several reasons, the need to centralize some metadata comes relatively quickly when you work everyday with Puppet. For example: the data that you wish to use are already present in another system/service you want to share data …

20 May 2011 camptocamp

Puppet Camp EU : Amsterdam, 28-29 April 2011

A delegation of Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions Division will be present in Amsterdam on April 28th and 29th at the second Puppetcamp in Europe. For the first time in addition to traditional track of speakers this event will …

27 April 2011 camptocamp

Maps into OpenERP by Camptocamp

Camptocamp’s Business Solutions and Geospatial Solutions teams have merged their long-term technical competencies and experiences to create a unique and exclusive geolocation component for OpenERP. These developments allow, among …

13 April 2011 camptocamp

New version of IFREMER’ Sextant metadata catalog

Based on version 2.6.1 of Geonetwork, the new version of IFREMER’ Sextant metadata catalog is now available at (tab « Catalogue »). The new catalog benefits from the Geonetwork latest evolutions such as …

12 April 2011 camptocamp

Debian Squeeze Amazon EC2 Images

Camptocamp is proud to provide Amazon EC2 Instances (AMI) with base Debian Squeeze installations in all five regions, in 32 or 64 bits. Please check this page for a list of our most recent images and some details about these images. …

4 April 2011 camptocamp

Studio 0.5 release

Camptocamp is proud to announce the first release of Studio, an admin tool for MapServer. Studio allows the web administrator to manage the geodata, to stylize them with a wysiwyg MapFile editor and to create a custom  thematisation. …

11 March 2011 camptocamp

Camptocamp featured in the magazine “Technology” by Bilan

The January special issue of “Technology” by Bilan is dedicated to Alp ICT, the information technology cluster of Western Switzerland; Camptocamp is featured in an article on cloud computing.

24 February 2011 camptocamp

Media release: “Web-based map viewing on mobile devices: A new approach for collaboration using an Open Source framework”

Camptocamp is proud to be part of the joint initiative lead by the Swiss federal government with cantons, cities, universities and private companies that has enabled web-based viewing of spatial data on mobile devices. The solution is …

24 February 2011 camptocamp