Find below the latest news and contributions made ​​by Camptocamp.

Funding of New OpenERP Magento Connector: we are almost done!

New OpenERP Magento Connector is now 100% functional!

26 July 2013 Maxime Wiot

Camptocamp Best OpenERP Contributor 2013

Camptocamp is proud to have won for the second year in a row the award 2013 of the best contributor on the Open Source solution OpenERP at the Open Days 2013!

18 July 2013 camptocamp

FOSS4G 2013: Camptocamp’s contributions

FOSS4G 2013, the annual gathering of Open Source geospatial developers, users and leaders, will be held in Nottingham (UK) from September 17 to 21.

9 July 2013 camptocamp

Augeas: training courses by Camptocamp

Camptocamp is now offering Augeas training courses, as a complement to the Puppet training courses provided by Puppet Labs and their partners

8 July 2013 camptocamp

Camptocamp announces the creation of the “Odoo Community Association”

Initiated by Camptocamp, in collaboration with Therp, Savoir Faire Linux, Vauxoo and Akretion, the worldwide "OpenERP Community Association" has now been created!

1 July 2013 camptocamp

OpenERP 8: refactoring of warehouse management

Camptocamp is glad to announce that it is actively working on OpenERP v8!

27 June 2013 Maxime Wiot

WebGIS infrastructure of the Bâle-Campagne Canton

In its May edition, the magazine Geomatique Suisse publishes a case study on the renovation of the WebGIS infrastructure of the Bâle-Campagne Canton.

14 May 2013 Stéphanie Debayle metadata catalog update

Camptocamp updated the metadata catalog of in order to benefit from the latest improvements and features of the GeoNetwork project.

7 May 2013 Stéphanie Debayle

FOSS4G NA 2013

Camptocamp will be present at the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial North America 2013, from May 22 to 24 in Minneapolis (USA).

2 May 2013 Stéphanie Debayle

OpenERP Switzerland: localization available for OpenERP 7.0!

Since the release of OpenERP 7.0, Camptocamp gathered the members of the Swiss OpenERP Alliance to develop the set of modules required by Swiss companies in order to have a true "Swiss OpenERP".

18 April 2013 Maxime Wiot

New OpenERP Magento connector: EUR 45’000 collected in 2 months!

The fundraising campaign to finance the new OpenERP Magento connector allowed to collect so far an amount of EUR 45'000, providing the community the means to develop the first version of this connector.

9 April 2013 Maxime Wiot

Camptocamp official Puppet Labs partner in France and Switzerland

Discover how to automate, optimize and streamline your IT infrastructure with Puppet and Camptocamp!

28 February 2013 Maxime Wiot

Puppet Camp 2013 & FOSDEM 2013

Last week, Camptocamp’s Infrastructure Solutions team attended the Puppet Camp 2013 & the Build a Cloud Day in Ghent, Belgium. The event was a great success, with a total attendance of about 200 participants. Judging by the …

7 February 2013 Marc Fournier

OpenERP Magento Connector New Generation

Invest in the new generation of the OpenERP Magento Connector   Faster to learn, simpler to implement AND easier to maintain! EUR 150’000.- is the overall required budget to ensure all new developments can be financed; The …

15 January 2013 Luc Maurer

New facts from configuration parameters

On the #augeas IRC channel, it is common to get questions such as: “How can I append to the value of this configuration parameter using Augeas in Puppet?” The answer is invariably: “This is not directly possible, you’d need to …

5 December 2012 camptocamp