Camptocamp – Training

Thematic training: spatial data

This session will help you understand and implement a whole infrastructure typical in the establishment of a map website in order to publish your spatial data.

This training aims at giving you the means to publish your data at the end of training while giving you the means to pursue its development after.


  • Understanding the architecture type of geospatial applications
  • Be able to implement the various software components and configure


5 days

Targeted audience

  • Web Developers
  • Geomaticians


  • Basic knowledge of Javascript development
  • Basic knowledge in geomatics


  • Introduction  which infrastructure implement?
  • PostGIS: data storage
    • Presentation of PostGIS
      • Installation
      • Representation of spatial data
    • Spatial indexes
      • Creation of a GIST index
    • Import and export of spatial data
    • Difference between operators and spatial fonctions
    • Use of clients for PostgreSQL
    • Basic spatial queries
  • MapServer: implementation of WMS and WFS services
    • Installation
    • Configuration des principaux objets du Mapfile
    • Access to multiple data sources
      • Native raster
      • Native vector
      • OGR/GDAL Interface
      • Saptial database (PostGIS)
      • Tileindex
      • WMS / WFS
    • Thematic classification
      • Symbology
    • Implementation of OGC Web Service
      • WMS Server
      • WFS Server
  • OpenLayers: implementation of the client interface
    • Presentation of OpenLayers and Web Service architecture
    • Implementation of a simple map in a Web page
    • Use and simple configuration of some controls
      • MousePosition
      • LayerSwitcher
    • Use of parameters and advanced options
      • BaseLayers
      • Overlays
      • SingleTile
    • Type of data source
      • WMS, Google Map…
    • Management of projection systems
    • Implementation of vectorial features
      • OpenLayers Layer.Vector
    • Utilisation et configuration de contrôles avancés (en fonction du temps)
      • OverviewMap
      • ScaleBar
  • Overall discussion on constraints for implementation
    • Optimization and performance
    • Industrialization of deployment
    • Management of developement project


Upon request


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training part of a convention

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