Camptocamp – Training

System infrastructure of a WebGIS solution

This session, focused on the system administration aspects, will allow you to install and configure a complete WebGIS environment on a Linux server.

The main Open Source components of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) are arranged alternately to form a coherent whole.


  • Have a clear vision of the key dependencies of main Open Source GIS components
  • Be able to install and configure these bricks on a Unix system

Targeted audience

  • UNIX system administrator
  • Advanced GIS technician


  • 2 days


  • Good level of system administration with Unix like
  • Good knowledge of Shell


  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS
    • Installation from packets and/or sources
    • Configuration of pg_hba.conf and of postgresql.conf
    • Scripts for start/stop of the server
    • Creation of a spatial database
    • Basic follow-up of logs
  • Apache
    • Installation from packets
    • Organisation des fichiers de configuration
    • Scripts for start/stop of the server
    • Basic follow-up of logs
  • MapServer
    • Installation from packets and/or sources
    • CGI and Fast-CGI Binaries
    • Management of the ECW support
    • Php/MapScript support
    • WMS Environnement configuration with Apache
  • Tomcat
    • Installation from packets
    • Installation of a JVM
    • Configuration with Apache
  • GeoServer and GeoNetwork
    • Installation of GeoServer by using Jetty
    • Installation de GeoServer via Tomcat
    • Configuration
  • MapProxy
    • Installation of MapProxy
    • Configuration of MapProxy


  • Ville de Cachan (FR)


  • Upon request


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training is part of a convention

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