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Pyramid training: conception of a Web application

Pyramid is a Web development framework in Python based onf the MVC principle (Model- View-Controler).

Pyramid allows you to quickly develop Web applications in Python. One of his great strengths is its flexibility: developers can choose the software components (Model, View and Controller) according to their needs, skills and preferences.

In addition, Pyramid standards-based mechanisms (WSGI), an application developed with this framework can easily be developed in another development framework meeting these same mechanisms.


  • Know how to develop a full Web application with Pyramid
  • Know the various software components that can be used within Pyramid
  • Be able to maintain and  develop your own Pyramid aplication


  • 2 days

Targeted audience

  • Web Python developers


  • Good knowledge of Python and OOP
  • Good knowledge in Web development (HTML, XHTML, CSS …)
  • Good knowledge in relational database


  • Introduction to Web development frameworks
    • Pattern MVC/MTV
    • Examples of available frameworks
  • Position of Pyramid in relation to these frameworks
    • The advantages of Python
    • The advantages of Pyramid
  • Dertailed presentation of Pyramid
    • Architecture
      • Main used components
        • Model (SqlAlchemy, SqlObject, CouchDb)
        • Template (Mako, Genshi, Jinja)
        • View
    • Routing in Pyramid
    • Creation of an application


  • Agglomération de Clermont-Ferrand (FR)


Dates can be scheduled upon request (Lausanne, Paris, Toulouse or Chambéry)


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training part of a convention

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