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Proj4 and OGR/GDAL: GIS data processing

OGR/GDAL is a library for accessing data. Proj4, meanwhile, specializes in the support of the projection system. This library is reused in most of the Open Source map projects (PostGIS, GRASS, QGIS, MapServer).

Both libraries and all related commands can be compared to the “Swiss Army knife” of geomatics. This session will allow you to use and chain these different processes.


  • Know the main concepts related to projection systems
  • Be autonomous in the use of libraries and tools Proj4 OGR / GDAL
  • Know the basics of development via the Python API of OGR / GDAL


  • 2 days

Targeted audience

  • Developers
  • GIS managers


  • Basic knowledge of geomatics
  • Knowledge of Shell, recommended
  • Concepts in Python, recommended


  • Modeling of the Earth
    •  Spherical and ellipsoidal model
    • Geoid
  • Projection systems
    • Issues
    • Datums
    • System families
  • Proj4
    • Presentation
    • Installation
    • Proj et Cs2cs
  • Cartographic formats
    • Raster, main raster formats
    • Vector
      • Spaghetti vs topological model
      • Main vector formats
    • Presentation
    • Installation
    • Supported formats
    • VRT format
  • OGR
    • ogrinfo
    • ogr2ogr
    • ogrtindex
  • GDAL
    • gdalinfo
    • gdal_contour
    • gdal_rasterize
    • gdaltindex
    • gdal_warp
    • gdaladdo
  • API Python d’OGR/GDAL
    • Presentation of the Python API
    • Development of Python processing


  • Upon request


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training par of a convention

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