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PostgreSQL: administration

PostgreSQL is an Open Source relational database (SGBDR), extremely robust, extensive, quite simple to administer and meeting the SQL (SQL 92) standards.

PostgreSQL has all the power of a classic SGBDR (sub-selection, transactional engine, views, triggers, etc.), and all the features generally unpublished among its competitors (query optimization engine, table inheritance, concept of naming scheme, etc.).

PostgreSQL is used worldwide in many important applications. Its community of users and contributors is also international.

PostgreSQL, thanks to its extension mechanism, can also be used as the basis of more specific modules such as PostGIS or PgRouting.


  • Know the specificities of PostgreSQL related to its administration
  • Be autonomous in the installation, the configuration and current administration tasks of PostgreSQL
  • Identify key issues related to performances


  • 2 days

Targeted audience

  • DBA wanting to discover/learn PostgreSQL
  • Developers with PostgreSQL administration needs


  • Good level in SQL 92
  • Good general knowledge in SGBD


  •  Presentation of the technical architecture of PostgreSQL
    • Installation and initial configuration
    • Binaries and compilation from sources
    • PostgreSQL cluster logic
    • Low-level organization of files
    • Creation of database and options
    • Use of templates
    • Locales
  • Clients
    • Psql and options
    • Presentation of PgAdmin3
  • User right management
    • Pg_hba.conf
    • Postgresql.conf
    • Methods of authentication
    • Recall on GRANT and REVOKE
  •  Backup and restoration
    • Pg_dump and pg_restore
    • Logs of WAL
    • Restoration of errors
  • Administration and maintenance
    • Vaccum and autovaccum
    • Management of logs
    • Access to statistics
  • Tuning and performances
    • Analysis of queries with EXPLAIN ANALYZE
    • Query optimization engine
    • Performance settings of postgresql.conf
    • Partial Indexes
    • Saved Indexes


  • Communauté de communes de Moselle et Mado (FR)
  • Rennes Métropole (FR)
  • GIRtec (FR)
  • Ville de Sallanches (FR)


See planning here

  • Additional dates can be scheduled upon request (Lausanne, Paris, Toulouse or Chambéry)


  • Upon request
  • Tax  exempted if training is part of a convention

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