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MapFish: WebGIS applications

MapFish is an Open Source Web GIS framework SIG, based on Python and Pyramid for the server part.

MapFish brings together the main features of Web GIS in a single application and proposes their use via OpenLayers.

Camptocamp being the editor of MapFish, this session is provided by a core developer of the MapFish project.


  • Know the features, characteristics and limitations of MapFish
  • Learn establish MapFish as Cartographic Framework in a GIS project


  • 3 days

Targeted audience

  • Web developers


  • Bon niveau en JavaScript et Python
  • Bonnes notions en développement Web (Client/Serveur, XHTML, CSS)
  • Bon niveau en OpenLayers recommandé


  • Introduction to web carto/GIS
  • General
  • Various bricks (carto engine, lib JS…)
  • Why use the Web framework?
  • Description and goals of the MapFish project
  • Use
    • Implementation of a Pyramid project
    • Explaionation of the structure of the Pyramid project
    • Add Papyrus
    • Explain Papyrus (place it in the MapFish context)
    • Add MapFish Web services with Papyrus
    • Develop a small OpenLayers application using the web service to make queries
    • Complete this OpenLayers application for editing
    • Secure web services
    • Explain and use the packages “utilities” of Papyrus : papyrus_ogcproxy, papyrus_mapproxy, papyrus_tilecache


  • Ministère de l’Outre-Mer (FR)
  • CCIL (FR)
  • Communauté de Communes du Pays de Tarare (FR)
  • Chambre d’Agriculture de Dordogne (FR)
  • IRD (FR)


  • See planning here

Additional dates can be scheduled upon request (Lausanne, Paris, Toulouse or Chambéry)


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training part of a convention

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