Camptocamp – Training

MapFish GeoPortal (advanced)

The goal of the MapFish Geoportal is to gather the maximum features in a consistent and efficient application to facilitate the creation and the maintenance of map applications. It offers the possibility of combining layers and  thematic layers groups, of searching the layers by spatial and attribute queries, of coupling the map with external APIs such as those offered by Google.

This training program you will be autonomous in creating map applications and integrating your own data in the tool. The MapFish GeoPortal  is entirely Open Source (BSD license).


  • Know the main features offered by the MapFish GeoPortal
  • Be autonomous in the implementation of an application
  • Know how to configure the application and add layers
  • Know the possibilities in terms of customization


  • 2-3 days

Targeted audience

  • GIS managers
  • Web developers


  • Good level in JavaScript
  • Good knowledge in Web Development
  • Basic knowledge of the OGC Web Services
  • Good knowledge of MapServer


  • Presentation of GeoMapfish
    • Rapid review of GeoMapfish
  • Creation of a project
    • Presentation of the mehodology
    • Project creation
  • Updates management
    • Applying changes in the core
    • Modification of the specific layer
  • Configuration of the tile creation
    • Principle
    • Tilecloud setup
    • Generating tiles
    • Client part configuration
    • Use of MapCache as extra tiles servers fo high zooms
  • Configuration of the mobile version
    • Mobile initialization
    • Configuration
  • Edition configuration
    • Initialization
    • Configuration
  • Routing configuration
    • Initialization
    • Configuration
  • Configuration of the API
  • Interaction with OGC services in GMF


  • On demand


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training is part of a convention

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