Camptocamp – Training

Manage and administer a geOrchestra platform

The geOrchestra project aims at developing a modular spatial data infrastructure, interoperable and Open Source, based on the best available map components.


  • Become familiar with the operation of the platform
  • Know how to configure a geOrchestra instance
  • Control the process of publishing data and metadata
  • Know how to manage the access rights to data and metadata
  • Know how to extract information on the use ot the platform


  • 3 days

Targeted audience

  • Managers of Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Data and metadata administrators


  • Either a functional geOrchestra platform, or we bring a clean virtual geOrchestra database
  • Concepts in geomatics


  • Presentation of the geOrchestra project
  • Know the main user features of modules and bridges between modules
      • Catalog
      • Visualizer
      • Extractor
      • Data servers
      • Identified bridges
  • Have notions on the applicative architecture of the solution
    • Architecture
    • Information flow
  • Know the different typologies for users and know how to manage the access rights to data/metadata
    • Notions of users and groups
    • Standard groups
    • Other groups
  • Manage users and groups within LDAP
    • With the LDAPadmin application
    • Manually
      • Presentation of LDAP
      • TheLDAP tree in geOrchestra
      • Presentation and installation of Active Directory Studio
      • Management of users and groups
      • Automated operations
  • Add new public GIS data
    • Upload data
    • SEO in GeoServer
  • Know the style language of vector data and know how to style own data
    • Presentation of SLD
    • Standard SLD syntax
    • How create SLD
    • Example of SLD (vector et raster)
  • Cache a raster layer
  • Access to usage statistics and export them
    • Usage statistics of web OGC services
    • Download statistics et extractions
  • Learn how to manage access rights to data
    • With GeoServer
    • With GeoFence
  • Know how to manage and administer GeoServer
      • Read logs
      • Services
      • Global settings
  • Configure applications via the geOrchestra profile
    • Visualizer
    • Extractor
    • Catalog
  • Learn how to redeploy one or more applications after changing the configuration of the platform


  • GéoBretagne
  • Ville de Rennes
  • Université de Bern
  • GéoPicardie
  • INRA


Upon request


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training part of a convention

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