Camptocamp – Training

Git: introduction to distributed repository

Git is a simple and effective distributed file type deposit established in 2005. It is nowadays very much used in free and open source projects through portals such as GitHub.


This training you will allow you to understand how GIT operates in the versioning management of the source code. The themes are:

  • Concepts and foundations
  • Branch creation
  • Tools around GIT


  • 1/2 day

Targeted audience

  • Developers
  • Integrator wishing to understand how GIT operates


  • Good level in administration Unix / Linux systems
  • Knowledge of file repository concepts


  • GIT Concepts
    • notion of centralized repository vs distributed repository
  • GIT Foundations
    • initialize a repository
    • cloning an existing repository
    • commit process
    • remotes management
  • Branch management
    • creation of simple branches
    • branch merges
  • Tolls around GIT
    • Github
    • visualization tools

The different subjects are completed in 1/2 day.


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempted if  training is part of a convention

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