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GeoServer: deployment and configuration

GeoServer is an Open Source map engine developed in a JAVA environment and based on the GeoTools library.

GeoServer manages many Web Service specifications (OGC WMS, WFS-T, WCS, SLD, etc.) and is, in addition, a reference application for support for OGC WFS standard.. In addition, it is easy for an experienced user reference application for OGC to support the WFS standard.

GeoServer allows you to quickly set up a Web Service to provision GIS data.

GeoServer supports many output formats for data (PNG, SVG, KML, JPEG, PDF, GeoJSON, etc.). In addition, it is easy for an experienced user to add his own output module designed for vector data.


  • Know the features, characteristics and limitations of GeoServer
  • Be autonomous in the implementation of Web Services with GeoServer
  • Frame the issues of GeoServer administration


  • 2 days

Targeted audience

  • Geomaticians and GIS developers


  • Basic knowledge in geomatics
  • Knowledge of OGC Web Services is recommended


  • Presentation of GeoServer
  • Installation
    • Use of Jetty
    • Use of Tomcat
    • OWS generic settings
  • Implementation of OGC services
    • Web Map Service (WMS)
    • Web Feature Service (WFS)
      • Management of transactions (WFS-T)
    • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
  • Data change
    • Vector
    • Raster
    • Spatial databases (PostGIS)
  • Symbology
    • Notions and syntax of OGC Styled Layer Description (SLD)
    • Managed client-side symbology
  • Implementation and cache settings
  • Security in GeoServer
    • Notion of security
    • Concept of role, user, group and services
    • Access rights
  • On-the-fly reprojection
  • Filtering logic
    • OGC Filter Encoding (FE)
    • Common Query Language (CQL)


  • Parc National des Cévennes (FR)
  • IGN (FR)
  • CRPF (FR)
  • CMRE (FR)


  • See planning here

Additional dates can be scheduled upon request (Lausanne, Paris, Toulouse or Chambéry)


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training is part of convention

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