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GeoForm: form creation

The GeoForm project provides a set of tools (or framework) to facilitate the creation of web pages containing forms from models described in Python for different types of data, including geometries. Developers using GeoForm create declaratively models from which the framework can create forms, views or lists. The project code has evolved significantly during the development of the GeoMapfish 2.3 administration interface.

This training program will allow you to be autonomous in the creation of a GeoForm application. The GeoForm product is free, under BSD license.


  • Know the main features offered by GeoForm
  • Be autonomous in the creation of an application
  • Know how to configure the application and add fields
  • Know the possibilities in terms of customization


  • 2 days(14 hours)

Main target audience

  • Web Developers


  • Good level in Python
  • Good knowledge of Web development

Target validation

  • Training certificate


  • Presentation
    • Project objective
    • Technologies implemented
    • Documentation and examples
  • Creating a GeoForm-based project
    • Creating the project from the template provided
    • General operating principle
  • Creating a GeoForm-based project
    • Creating the project from the provided template
    • General operating principle
    • Creating a new controller
    • Creating the data model
    • Creation of the concrete controller
    • Customization of the grid
    • Widget customization
    • Customization of templates
    • Writing of tests
  • Translations of the interface
    • Character string location
    • Compilations of translations

Technical and pedagogical means

Management resources

  • Training provided by a committer or integrator


  • Find on the general information page of our training courses, the schedule of inter-company sessions for the current year
  • Additional dates may be scheduled according to requests (Lausanne, Paris, Toulouse or Chambéry).


  • On request
  • Tax-free if training is approved

Additional trainings

This training can be accompanied by the GeoMapfish introduction training.

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