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GeoExt: Web client applications

GeoExt allow to reproduce a Desktop environment type, in a cross-browser Web environment for the realization of spatial applications.

GeoExt, just as ExtJS, provides a series of “ready-to-use” graphics JavaScript (Widgets) components.

This training may be completed by trainings on OpenLayers or ExtJS.


  • Know the context of use and key features of GeoExt
  • Identify issues related to architectural use of GeoExt
  • Be able to implement GeoExt in a Web application


  • 2 days

Targeted audience

  • Web developers
  • Web architects


  • Good level of JavaScript and of Object Oriented Programming
  • Knowledge of the OpenLayers library
  • Good knowledge in web development (CSS, HTML, XHTML)


  • OpenLayers and ExtJs libraries
  • Presentation of GeoExt
  • ExtJs
  • Panels
    • Maps
    • Legend
  • Configuration of toolbars
  • Layer tree
  • Editing vector layers (Data Grid)
  • User of plugins and ux
  • Printing systems
    • PrintMapPanel
    • Server side


  • Upon request


  • Upon request
  • Tax exempt if training part of a convention

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