User support, corrective or preventive maintenance, Camptocamp's experts support customers throughout their project.

Our offer

The Open Source support offered by Camptocamp is made of a set of services (packages or upon request) which includes:

  • User support: assistance in the use of the application;
  • Corrective maintenance: correction of anomalies of supported software;
  • Upgrade maintenance: management of evolution requests on the supported software.

our assets

Our level of competence is widely know and recognized by the communities and all of our employees do have many years of professional experience. Camptocamp also implemented modern tools and methodology to ensure quality work and short deadlines.

  • Technical and business expertise dedicated to support and maintenance;
  • Methodological competencies and practices of community developments.
  • Code sharing within communities thanks to commit rights;
  • Clear and harmonious relational policy with communities, helping the collaboration and the commit of corrective or upgrade actions;
  • Clear vision of long-term functional evolutions of various Open Source communities.
Collaboration and responsiveness
  • Commitment to implementation deadlines;
  • Modern and efficient tools for the follow-up of various demands.