21 February 2018

Camptocamp, FOSS4G-fr 2018 Gold Sponsor

Camptocamp, as a major player in the open source geospatial community, invests in sponsoring various conferences in France and Europe.

20 December 2017

OpenShift demo webcast

Learn more about Red Hat's open source container platform. Take a look at our OpenShift demo and see all the functionalities.

23 November 2017

Automatic renewal of Puppet Certificates

Everyone who has been using Puppet with a self-signed CA for more than 5 years knows that dreaded time: the time when the CA must be renewed.

20 November 2017

Open Source Summit, Paris

A major event of the Free and Open Source industry in Europe, the Paris Open Source Summit is the international echo chamber for the multiple contributions of Free and Open Source to current and future digital revolutions.

16 November 2017

Free OpenShift Webinar on December 14, 2017

Join our free OpenShift webinar on December 14, 2017 and delve into Red Hat's fully Opensource-based container platform.

24 October 2017

Container adoption at Camptocamp

Containerization has become a central concept to face the ever growing complexity of IT systems that are deployed and accessible on the Internet. At Camptocamp we have a long history of using container technologies.

25 September 2017

Prix des entreprises formatrices 2017

Camptocamp est lauréat du prix 2017 des entreprises formatrices de la région lausannoise pour son engagement en faveur de la formation professionnelle.

24 August 2017

Red Hat Forum, Zürich

"Driving Innovation in Your Digital World" is the motto of the Red Hat Forum. You will be able to learn a lot about the latest technologies from Red Hat in keynotes and breakout sessions.

8 August 2017

Keep an eye on your Terraform states

About a year ago, we started using Terraform. Many things we were doing manually in the cloud at the time are now coded.

3 August 2017

Invitation to our Technical Breakfast in Zurich on October 24, 2017

Join our Technical Breakfast in Zurich and find out more about individual products that are relevant for the near future.

23 June 2017

Red Hat Partner EMEA: participation summary

From June 18 to 21, the Red Hat EMEA Partner conference was an opportunity to meet with the various exclusive partners of the solution.

30 May 2017

Red Hat Partner Conference EMEA

Camptocamp will participate to the Red Hat Partner EMEA Conference from June 18 to 21 in Frankfurt, Germany. The focus of the event is on workshops, interesting lectures, as well as an exclusive come together of the partners.

3 May 2017

Red Hat meets Mercedes Event: invitation

Enjoy our Red Hat meets Mercedes event on June 7th in Pratteln and take part in this unique occasion.

20 January 2017

Orchestrate Rancher with Terraform

Rancher is a great tool to deploy Docker stacks. At Camptocamp, we have used it increasingly, starting with our infrastructure components. A few months ago, we ported our dockerized Puppet stack to Rancher.

27 October 2016

Camptocamp, new Rancher Labs partner

Camptocamp is proud to be among the few companies selected to kickstart Rancher Labs' Partner Network.