Open Source training: general information

Topics, training formats, agenda: here is your first entry point to the training provided by our Open Source experts.

GeoForm: form creation

The GeoForm project provides a set of tools (or framework) to facilitate the creation of web pages containing forms from models described in Python for different types of data, including geometries.

Git: introduction to distributed repository

Git is a simple and effective distributed file type deposit very much used in free and open source projects through portals such as GitHub.

GeoServer: advanced configuration, performance & high availability

Knowledge of advanced GeoServer functionality, optimized server setup and understanding of high availability issues.

Manage and administer a geOrchestra platform

The geOrchestra project aims at developing a modular spatial data infrastructure, interoperable and Open Source, based on the best available map components.

QGIS: introduction and news

Update your skills with this upgrade and get an overview of the capabilities of QGIS.

QGIS: Analysis and processing

Installation and configuration of QGIS and its extensions.

QGIS: development of plugins

This session will allow you to acquire the necessary skills for the development of QGIS plugins in Python.

QGIS: easily publish your data on the Web!

This session will teach you how to publish your data on the web: Apache server configuration, publishing process, connection services to a light client based on OpenLayers3 and QGIS.

Thematic training: spatial data

Architecture of geospatial applications, implementation and configuration of the different software components.

System infrastructure of a WebGIS solution

System Administration for the installation of a complete WebGIS environment and the configuration on a Linux server.

OpenLayers 3: develop a WebGIS application

Develop your Web aplications with the new version of OpenLayers 3: more efficient and based on modern technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL).

PostGIS: spatial database

Installation, querying and optimization of spatial database with PostGIS.

PostGIS: advanced implementation

PostGIS: advanced implementation, administration and performance.

MapServer: deployment and configuration

Features, characteristics and limitations of MapServer and implemention in a GIS project.