10 March 2009

Web mapping applications from a non-developers perspective

Andrew Parker has created a very nice wiki which presents the necessary steps in order to create one web mapping application: – installing Linux (Ubuntu), Apache HTTP, and MapServer,– installing PostGIS database server with …

14 February 2009

KISS: spatialite in 5 minutes

3,2,1, GO ! 1. Open, download spatialite-gui GUI and unzip it. 2. Start Spatialite-gui.exe (I tested it with Windows 😉 and click on Files / Creating a new (empty) SQLite DB 3. Download “the …

12 February 2009

Some MapFish doc on VerySpatial

Mel Meng has written some HowTo’s on the VerySpatial blog. Thanks !

7 February 2009

New tool for Web mapping site administration

Do you want to create your own web mapping application ? Do you want to share your geospatial data with others ? Do you want to define your own symbology ? If the answer is yes, then you are probably interested in the administration …

1 February 2009

MapFish is now referenced by Google ;-)

The 3D demo is part of the Google Earth Gallery.

15 December 2008

Tutorial MapFish

sur GeoTribu. Merci Arnaud 😉

11 December 2008

TurboGears has a MapFish extension

A nice tutorial presents how to use MapFish with TurboGears.

13 November 2008

Google Flu trend

Google just created a nice mapping application by combining the search data with the geography in order to observe the flu trend: . They probably use these kind of information to make geo marketing 😉

28 October 2008

SDI: Spatial Data Integrator, release 1.3

The new release of SDI has been created. you can download it here. Udig has been integrated in this release in order to represent the data. GPS and WFS formats are now suported and several geospatial components have been added, like …

23 October 2008

MapFish step by step #2: MapFish Toolbar

In the toolbar example, you can see in action the MapFish toolbar widget (source code). You can add new functions in the MapFish toolbar (see lines 32 to 129 of the source).With some javascript, it’s quite easy to configure your …

20 October 2008

MapFish step by step #1: MapFish Client

Hi ! I will now start some blogs describing in more details how MapFish works. As you know, MapFish Client is using OpenLayers and ExtJS. MapFish extends these libraries. Let’s have a look at a concrete example: a map in a …

16 October 2008

MapFish howto

If you want to make your first steps with MapFish, don’t miss this HowTo presented at Foss4G 2008: